Bible Journaling is feasting on the Word, listening to God, and crafting! It doesn’t get any better! It is addicting–because it feeds your soul!

It is done uniquely different by each person depending on their gifts and talents. The typical Bible Journaling you probably seen on Pinterest is usually done with markers, pens, crayons, paints and other craft supplies right into wide margin Bibles (although some use note books or journal books).

Illustrated Fath has a wonderful Facebook Group (Bible Journaling Community) with lots of ideas and inspiration for doing physical Bible Journaling.

Bible Journaling Deut 16 passover lampGoing Digital

Bible Journaling Digitally is creating and journaling on your computer in a software program, usually Photoshop Elements. I enjoy creating art on my computer (with fabulous fonts).

I import a page or text from Scripture and mark symbols, doodles, lovely following the Inductive Bible Study methods. The create a watercolor effect with digital brushes.

Why Bible Journal Digitally?

Just because I prefer to Bible Journal Digitally doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the beautiful Bible Journaling in Bible. I think they are amazing. But I have several reasons I prefer digital.

One is I have arthritis and its hard for me to write by hand I was frustrated when I tried writing in my Bible because my handwriting looks bad, my stickers were crooked and I just do not have drawing talent. But I do know how to use Photoshop Elements to create beautiful work thanks to YouTube tutorials. Also:

  • Unlimited Journaling Space
  • Faster then Traditional
  • Easy Enough for Children
  • More Bible Time
  • No Artistic Talent Needed
  • Cheaper (Free Software)
  • No Artistic Mess (more Bible Time)
  • Share Online or Print
  • No Craft Room Needed
  • Do Both Paper & Digital
  • More Pondering, Less Washing Up
  • I can send to a company like VistaPrint and get mugs, calendars and T-shirts made.

It is very similar to digital scrapbooking. Much of the time (since it is so much faster) I create only on the computer and save the pages digitally (and share online). However I also like to go hybrid- mix physical Bible Journalling with digital work.

I have the option to print out pages or share online.

hybrid defined

Margin Strips

I create “Margin Strips” a term I use for a bookmark type strip with fun fonts made on the computer to affix into a wide margin Bible.

bible journaling margin strips

bible journaling margin romans 5

Margin Strips Step by Step

  1. Pray for wisdom and direction.
  2. Read the pages in my Bible and mark the kew words  with symbols. I use those similar to Kay Author’s Precept Bible Study.
  3.  Find your favorite verse. Design the margin strip on the computer with various fonts then print it out on vellum paper.
  4.  Use double sided removable tape to adhere the margin strip into the Bible margin.
  5. Now decide if you want to decorate the rest of the page with other art supplies (Gelatos,  water colors or stickers)>

Margin Mania

The Bible Journaling so beautiful popular now that is was impossible to order a wide margin Bible. But a few months of ladies begging for Bibles the publishers reprinted and they are in stock everywhere. See a list here. WIDE MARGIN BIBLES.

I like the ESV Single Column BIbles

I have a single column ESV Bible. It is $33 on Amazon.The Legacy Bible in the video retails for $85 but on Amazon for $35.  You can also journal in notebooks and journals.

oakleaves BIble

Illustrated Faith and the Bible doodling movement are spreading.  It is so refreshing to see so many spending time in the Word!

Scriptures are full of rich visual imagery and thought-provoking ideas – hearing what God is saying through His Word at times takes pondering. Journaling thoughts, notes, favorite passages, and marking key words helps us grasp deeper meanings.


Decorating Planners with Bible Journaling Margin Strips

I also love planner decorating. I was thrilled to find out my Margin Strips fit in my Happy Planner! See more here. 

happy planner bible journaling

november planner spread



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