Organize systems grow and change as our supplies grow and as we find out what works best for us.

I began using binders for my stickers, then moved to accordion files, then to drawers and now I use a peg board. I have learned if I don’t see it I will not use it.



Sticker Storage in Magazine Rack


Expanding Sticker Album

This Expanding Sticker Album is created just for sticker storage solution. You can see the stickers on your craft table. All 8 sections are clear, tabbed and include labels. Expands up to 8 inches. See coordinating paper holder here. 

sticker storage solution Expanding sticker album

Sticker Storage in Magazine Rack has stickers in an expanding folder.

There are several cute ones on Amazon.

expanding file folder sticker storage

Sticker Storage in Binder

I still have several sticker in binders but I forgot about them. I plan on moving to my pegboard. Her is a sample from

This was my first storage solution. Opps. Missing a chipboard letter.

Stickers in Sterilite Drawers

I used to keep stickers in Sterilite Drawers (why I cut off the tops I now regret). But I like them so much better on the wall. 

Sticker storage serlitte drawers

Hanging Stickers has these amazing hanging sticker storage solutions.

I couldn’t find where to purchase but I found this hanging drying rack for socks that might work??

TwoPeasinBuckets has this neat solution.

I make most of my own stickers now and I haven’t decide how to store them. Maybe I will invest in bags to hang? Right now they occupy several boxes. See my stickers at the BIbleJournalLove Etsy shop (formally DigiScrapDelights.

Scrap Paper Storage

Next up: organizing scrap papers. I know I want to do something by color.

Sticker storage scrap paper storage


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