This challenge will be a study of Psalm 119. The purposes of this challenge is to get you into the habit of studying God’s Word daily and to understand how the Bible sufficient, truthful, pure, authoritative, and unchanging. If you have question put them in the comments. If you sign up for this challenge you will receive an email every day for 24 days with reading and commentary by Robin Sampson for that day.


On May 5th you will receive the first of several free downloads. If you purchased each of these it would be $20 value. Every 3rd or 4th day you you will also receive more downloads to help you with this study (worksheets and clip art or DIY stickers).

This is a Bible journaling challenge where we will document what we learn using Bible journaling methods and sharing on the images and photos via the Bible Journal Love Facebook Group.

Studies show if you do something every day for 21 day you will create a habit. Psalm 119 is divided into 22 sections each beginning with a letter of the Hebrew alphabet. You will receive a total of 24 emails. The first introduction, then 22 sections of Psalm 119, then the last email with a wrap-up lesson.

Those that complete all 22 lessons will receive an free Psalm 119 Study Guide eBook (about a week after the study). So you can review the study anytime you want!

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What Bible Study Method?

We will try at least ten different Bible study methods during the 22 lessons (15 to 30 minute). Since lesson are short you may want to get the book I am using is Learn to Study the Bible by Andy Dean.

What Bible Journaling Method?

You can Bible journaling in many ways: in a notebook, in a wide margin Bible, in an album, or in a planner. This month we will be Bible journaling in a planner. You will receive all the downloads necessary in Happy Planner size but you do not need a planner.  Here is a sample.

Bible Journaling in a Planner: Click for Larger View

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Twenty Two Lessons

You will receive the Introduction email  May 5  which will give you a few days to print the papers and get ready for the Monday, May 8 first of  22 lessons. 

  • Introduction and download links you need to get started.
  • Day 1: Alef א: Those Who Walk in God’s Word.
  • Day 2. Bet ב: Purity of Life and Meditation on God’s Word.
  • Day 3: Gimel ג: The Word of God and the Trials of Life.
  • Day 4: Dalet ד: Revived from the Dust.
  • Day 5: He ה: A Plea for Guidance and Life.
  • Day 6: Vav ו: Liberty Comes from Loving God’s Word.
  • Day 7: Zayin ז: The Power of God’s Word to Comfort and Strengthen.
  • Day 8: Het ח: Hurrying to God with All My Heart.
  • Day 9: Tet ט: God’s Word Brings Benefit from a Time of Affliction.
  • Day 10: Yod י: Confidence in the Creator and His Word.
  • Day 11: Kaf כ: Fainting from Affliction, Revived by God’s Word.
  • Day 12: Lamed ל: Saved by the Word Settled in Heaven.
  • Day 13: Mem מ: Loving the Sweetness of God’s Word.
  • Day 14: Nun נ: Never-Ending Confidence in God’s Word.
  • Day 15: Samekh ס: Held Up and Supported by the Word of God.
  • Day 16: Ayin ע: The Servant Seeks the Word.
  • Day 17: Pe פ: Steps Directed by God’s Wonderful Word.
  • Day 18: Tsadi צ: The Purity and Truth of God’s Word.
  • Day 19: Qof ק: Praying to the God of the Bible.
  • Day 20: Resh ר: Revival According to the Word of God.
  • Day 21: Shin ש: In Awe of God’s Word.
  • Day 22: Tav ת: Sought by God and His Word.
  • Day 23: Wrap Up: You will receive a Study Guide eBook with the 22-day study.

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 This quote sums up what we will learn in the #Psalm119Challenge .

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