I’ve been experimenting with different Bible study methods with my Happy Planner. I absolutely LOVE  recording my study in boxes. It’s how I learn and teach. I have been making slide show presentations for 30 years. No wonder I gravitate toward bullet list and summaries in boxes! 

Click on the image to see a larger view.

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Bible Journal Planner Kit

For those overwhelmed I made a it where almost all the work is done.


1. Open Pre-designed Quick Pages in Acrobat (PDF Reader)
2. Type in the Boxes (optional step)
3. Print pages on copy paper
4. Print washi and stickers stickers on sticker paper
5. Add washi and stickers to Quick Pages
6. Share your page on our Facebook Group. Yay!
7. Holepunch and add to Happy Planner or DIY Notebook

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There are so many different ways to study and journal. Some of the ideas are from  Learn to Study the Bible 40 Methods by Andy Dean. I started by using the Alphabet Method. Click the image for a larger view.


In the sample below I put a condensed summary in the first box, cross references in several, a commentary and my final thoughts (each needed two boxes combined).  This sample use the Orinda Planner Sticker kit.


Bible Journal Planner Kit


Here is a sample using another planner sticker kit.


Numbers 22-24 Video

This is a video on Numbers 22 and 23 by Tom Bradford, my pastor. You can watch videos going chronologically through the Bible approximately one chapter at  a time at Torahclass.com.

Part 1. Study and Take Notes.

I also add notes, quotes and anything that helps me understand the passage.

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 10.28.01 PM

Part 2. Fill in the Planner

  •  Place the planner stickers (see stickers here).
  • Frame with Washi Tape
  • Add the “A Title” (fancy lettering or type using fancy font, print and cut out title)
    B-Best verse” margin strip. I made this margin strip (typing on computer print on stickers) ALSO FITS IN MY WIDE MARGIN BIBLE! See tutorial here.
  • Add the text boxes.( (typing on computer print on stickers or write by hand)
  • Share on our Facebook Group

I made this image to explain Bible Journaling in a Planner. (Would love it if you would Pin it!)




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