Welcome! I’m Robin Sampson. I’m a Bible addict, mother of nine and Marmee to 14 and my first great grandchild recently arrived.  2016!

The school year 2016/1017 will be my thirtieth year homeschooling (children ages 14 to 40) My husband is retired Federal Agent from ATF and HomeLand Security. We are blessed to live off a canal with manatees and dolphin in Merritt Island FL. We still have two teen boys at home (I had #8 and #9 at ages 44 and 46).

This is me with my two of my beautiful daughters and and my granddaughter.

robin sampson bible journalingPsalms 78:4 tells us, We will tell the next generation of the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord.” Bible journaling is a great way so get deep into the Word and leave something for our grandchildren.

Bible Journaling is Growing

How excited is it that so many people are in God’s word!!!  This blog began September 2015 in less than a year receiving over 30,000 unique visitors a month.


Quick Timeline: For Such a Time as This

I’ve had passion for the Bible, colors and patterns all my life here is a quick timeline to see how God planted desires in my heart years ago that I am reaping today.

  • 1973 to 2001 Gave birth to nine children
  • 1970s-1980s  Filled my color and pattern fix by sewing the children’s clothes.
  • 1987 Began homeschooling
  • 1990 Designed baby clothing and quilting.
  • Late 1990s – 2000s wrote several books on Bible study and homeschooling
  • 2008 Begin tinkering with digital scrapbooking.
  • 2011 Began designing digital scrapbook kits. Opened an Etsy store. 
  • July 2015, I got very excited about Bible Journaling
  • I researched and bought a wide margin Bible, colored pencils, washi tape, gesso and paints.
  • I ruined four pages in my new wide margin Bible.
  • I switched to making Margin Strips for my Bible using digital scrapbooking methods (traded in the paint brushes for a mouse).
  • Found out the Margin Strips fit into my Happy Planner too!bible-journaling-margin-strips
  • Mid July 2015 started Facebook Group Bible journaling Digitally. Over 3,000 signed up
  • Sept 2015 started this blog (Bible journaling digitally.com )
  • Started making Bible Journaing Kits kits that an be downloaded for those that want  to Bible Journal on paper.
  • Changed blog name to BibleJournalLove.com to serve paper, digital and hybrid Bible journalers.
  • Working on Bible Journal Digitally video tutorials. (Please be patient , I have a lot learning curves to deal with).
  • In the process of writing a Bible Journal Guide.
  • Details and freebie links below.




Click on image for larger view
Click on image for larger view

Same Story with Details

Like most of you, I discovered Bible Journaling on Pinterest and Youtube. I got so excited!!  because I love the Bible and I love crafting. I am an author,  everyone of my books and blogs encourage daily Bible study.

bible journaling Planner

Bible & Crafting=WONDERFUL!

I jumped in with both feet spending hours a day researching how to Bible Journal and supplies.  I found and browsed the popular Bible journal sites:

Popular Bible Journal Sites:

I researched for days to find the best supplies for Bible Art Journaling then bought:

Then I dove into my Craft Supplies:

too much washi

Ready to Bible Journal!

I painted pages with Gesso (to keep marks from bleeding through). then got out the water color paint. I promptly destroyed four pages in my Bible. 🙁

Not to worry, you can put stickers over mistakes, (well most of the time, don’t do what I did and paint entire pages at first). Start small. I won’t go into the painting fiasco details but BOY, was I bummed! I spent serious time and money and what did I have, nothing I wanted to pass down to my children.

I am Painting Challenged!

I am good at digital art (because I have worked in Photoshop making images for my blogs for many years) but that does not mean I can paint or draw like the so many talented ladies on lins. That’s OK, I have other talents and so do you.

You Do Not Have to Have Art Talent to Bible Journal

Below I’ll tell you a few things that worked for me and give you some freebies so you can try without spending.

Once I found an alternative to painting in my Bible I started a Bible Journal Facebook Group and met a new bunch or sweeties with the same passions.

The Birth of the Digital Margin Strip

My handwriting is worse than my drawing so I use computer fonts are my lettering tools.  I began creating margins in Photoshop and taping them (double sided sticky tape) in my Bible Margins. Here is a free one of you:


FREE Bible Margin Bookmark 

Bible Journaling Digitally

Not only can you create margin strips, you can mark up Bible pages digitally you can make pages like these too by copying and pasting Bible text from BibleGateway.com onto a photo of an open Bible.


I made a kit with worksheets and an open Bible to help you get started:

editable bible jurnal kit

Photoshop CC is  expensive and you do NOT need it unless you have a business It runs $29 or 19.00 a month here. . Photoshop Elements is an excellent program that does anything you can imagine for crafting and runs $79 here (no reoccurring charges)


Bible Journaling in a Planner

I love planners. There is a super creative trend right now where ladies are decorating planners. I am a firm believer, if want to get things done you need to spend a minimum of an hour a week planning (I spend two or three). The more time you plan the more you get done. I began decorating my planner with Bible verses and journaling spiritual thoughts making it more a Memory Keeper/Planner.

I love Planning so much, I make decorative Planner Stickers. 

lavender spread


The Bible Margin Strips fit perfectly inside my planner. So that got me to thinking. Why not Bible Journal in my planner  to have something special my grandchildren can have one day to know more about me and my beliefs.

There are so many ways you can incorporate Bible Journaling into your planners or into a notebook:

  • Add a margin strip verse as you focus each week.
  • Bible verses make beautiful meaningful dashboards (and bookmarks!)
  • Add a verse a day in one of your three daily boxes.
  • Add pages so you use a spread for a topical Bible study.

I print the Bible Margin Strips on printable vellum for my Bible and regular copy paper for my planner.


FREE Bible Margin Strip Kit

Want to try Bible Journal Digitally? Here is a kit to try it. You can download the free trial of Photoshop elements to try it.


See how you can get the Quick Page Kit matching the Inspire Bible Colors FREE here
See how you can get the Quick Page Kit matching the Inspire Bible Colors FREE here

Bible Journaling During Church

I continue to mark my physical Bible with my watercolor pencils (LOVE IT). I use Kay Author’s Precept Bible Study Method. I have a special wallet in my purse for watercolor pencils, carry them to church in  my purse and place it beside my in the chair and have a terrific time making up my Bible as I listen to the sermon (also helps with my ADD).interest in a few weeks. So I began this site and began learning how to create tutorials.

Beau the Pom Planner

Beau is my blind Pomerianian sidekick. He sits in my lap when I make Planner Kits so I decided to add him as the series logo. Beau is blind and totally dependent on me. He is a gift from God and my snuggle buddy. See my Planner designs  here.   lavender-mint-preview

Bible, Planners, Homeschooling, and Digital Scrapbooking

Bible Journaling and Planners is my third company. I also operate  Heart of Wisdom Publishing and DigiScrap Delights on Etsy. Each company logo has a heart because I have a passion for each. robinsampson-business-logos

Digital Scrapbooking Passon

I’ve had passion for colors and patterns all my life. I expressed this love in the 70s and 80s by designing baby clothing and quilting. I put these on the back burner when I began writing.

In the 1990 when scrapbooking became the rage I tried it and got frustrated with the mess,  and the cost so I only did a few pages and put it aside. I knew how to make things in photoshop from my publishing business and had an idea to make a personal birthday card for my granddaughter. Searching for images, I found digital scrapbooking. I was hooked!

No mess and I could fix mistakes by pressing the back button and I could use those elements over and over. I dove in and started Digital Scrapbooking all out family photos. robins-full-quiver-1024x1024 grandma ellis

During those years, My daughter, Rebecca and her five children came for a visit and I taught her how to scrapbook. She took off with and within a few years she created Well Planned Day Planners and Home Educating Family Magazine.” She taught my granddaughter Jenny and and now Jenny publishes Dear Magazine for teen girls! What a blessing. HEDUAI began writing homeschool books about 25 years ago. Heart of Wisdom publications are devoted to Bible focused homeschooling and nutrition.

heart of Wisdom Publications

DigiScrap Delights began in 2011. The designs are available through Etsy. There are geared toward Digital scrapbooking but I use papers for Bible Journal overlays and Project Life Cards to tape inside my Bible. I am creating Bible Journaling art too. digi-scrap-delightsI am extremely grateful the God gave me the desires of my heart. I have the privilege of working daily with my passions: Bible, Planners, Homeschooling and Digital scrapbooking. My main desire is to help people understand who God is and get to him better. God reveals His character to us in stories of His interactions and promises to the Hebrews.  God’s promises and instructions contain just what we need to get through the twist and turns of daily life. Those that do not walk in HIs Word, walk in the dark. Life in the Light is a joy!     I pray you find encouragement here.

Contact me anytime via the Facebook Group. I am there daily.

bible journaling facebook group


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